South Africa - Confirmed

15 February, 2017

Since I am in the middle of town I am kind of limited in what I can do mode wise, so more often than not I end up just doing JT65 since it seems to cut through the noise better than most other options.  Given that I'm limited to about 30W of power on JT65 (cause I don't want to cook my radio) I don't always have enough oomph to bag far off DX but on a lark I tried calling ZS6UB from South Africa when he was calling CQ and by some freak chance we were able to complete the exchange and he verified in LOTW no less.  The number of far off stations that I have logged and never gotten verification for is much higher than I care to think about so I just felt compelled to actually mention this somewhere, if you happen to see this Vincent you made my day!

Getting Started

11 February, 2017

No joke it took me like a month of trial and error (mostly error) to find a simple system to post content here.  I don't radio nearly enough but I felt like less of a nerd for having a domain with hosting and functional SSL yet nothing but a simple index.html file that was chilling there.  So now I have something here to fill the void and allow me to put all kinds of stupid things like my pitiful attempts at running WPX RTTY, jury rigged antenna projects and other such nonsense.